Finish Writing That Book, yo

Yesterday: 1,000 words, three 15 minute sessions

For anyone who wishes to join me on this adventure:

I’ve been trying to write novels. And I think after three years it’s time I finished one, don’t ya think? Yes, I am lazy, but I don’t think that’s been my biggest issue. I really think it has more to do with perfectionism. I struggle with each sentence to make sure it’s absolutely flawless, and then I look back and say “that’s shit!” Then I stew over it for days–weeks–wondering where it went wrong and how I can make it better. Then I tell myself “I’ll never be a writer…” BLEH.

I keep hearing advice from prolific authors that you should write fast and write lots of stuff. In the end, your career relies more on constant production than on amazing content. Then I googled “writing faster” and found a blog post by Michael Pollock, and along with some really good advice, he said something I find EXTREMELY quotable: “Perfectionism is the mortal enemy of any creative endeavor.”

BOOM. Fucken mic-drop.

At least that’s how it hit me.

I also found an article by David Masters on speed writing, which is directed more toward blogging but can easily be applied to novel writing.

So I’m taking Masters’ advice and making an attempt at speed writing. I’m powering through, making it sloppy, FINISHING it. Because that’s what I need to do. I mean, how that hell do you become a novelist if you never finish a fucking novel?

Yesterday I set a timer to write in 15 minute increments, and after three of those I had about 1,000 words. That’s no finished novel, but it’s a step in the right direction.

This is me sharing my progress as a way of keeping myself accountable. I want to be a full-time writer and I have a long fucking way to go. 


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