Obligatory First Post

Every blog has one. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Weekly update:

What’s flashy and new?

This blog, obviously! Sure, I’ve blogged before, but never in a writerly sense. My goal this time is just simply to have a web presence and a way to connect with the writing community. I’ll share very little personal stuff here unless it’s interesting and has something to offer by sharing it. But mostly this is about WORDS and stuff (books, blogs, podcasts, and of course my writing career and things I’ve learned).

What am I reading?

I just picked up Story Engineering by Larry Brooks, as recommended to me by the fantastic Emmie Mears in their recent blog post. Let me tell you (and I’ll probably give this its own post when I finish reading it) this book is the shit right now. I’ve been struggling with doing the novel thing for a while now, and just from reading the first half of Story Engineering I’m learning why I keep getting hung up. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to put in your story or where to put it, or ANY trouble writing at all, READ THIS BOOK, YO.

Other news:

I work with a gaggle of Trump supporters every day and I’ve been looking for some new ideas for characters, so I’m just soaking it aaaall up. *grins evilly at the blank page*

Unrelated: I’m attending a wedding this weekend where I have the honor of being a groomsman. And I’m thankful I’m not the best-man this time; less responsibility but still get all the perks of being in the wedding party. Unfortunately, however, no alcohol (I’m debating whether or not to keep a bottle of whisky in my car in case anyone gets thirsty, shhh don’t tell).

…Alcohol can be a magic potion, at times. (If you’re an alcoholic, just ignore everything I’m saying right now. Stay away, STAY AWAY, because YOU DONT NEED THAT IN YOUR LIFE. IT’S THE WRONG WATER.)

Okay, I’ve digressed enough. The end.


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